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30.10.2015 15:05 Age: 2 yrs

RUSK chamber music festival 17.–21.11. in Jacobstad

Clarinetist Christoffer Sundqvist and composer Sebastian Fagerlund founded RUSK festival in 2013. The theme of this year’s festival is Movements.

In the space of one week, artists both Finnish and foreign give concerts of both chamber music classics and rarities along with contemporary works.

“During this year’s festival we will offer you everything from renaissance music, minimalism, avant-gardism, improvisation and grunge rock. Join us and experience what happens when these collide”, artistic directors explain.

RUSK seeks to reflect the present day and age with its myriad variations and challenges. It is a melting pot in which creativity is unleashed in exotic contexts at the darkest, bleakest time of the northern year.

More information and program: ruskfestival.fi