Pekka Kuusisto & The Luomu Players

Kuva: Ville Juurikkala

Violin virtuoso Pekka Kuusisto has always been an artist of unprejudiced attitudes who effortlessly cruises from one musical style to another. He has taken up (or taken on) Finnish folk music in a four-member ensemble named the Luomu Players — luomu being a Finnish abbreviation describing biodynamic or organic food. The other three members are Anna-Mari Kähärä (accordion and vocals), Sara Puljula (bass) and Zarkus Poussa (percussion).

In 1995, Pekka Kuusisto became the first Finnish violinist to win the Jean Sibelius Violin Competition, and since then he has been creating a distinguished career as a concert violinist. He appears regularly with symphony orchestras in Finland and abroad, and he is well-known as a chamber musician; but he is an equally well versed performer in rock, jazz and folk music.

Anna-Mari Kähärä is a composer, pianist and singer. She is also busy as a producer, a conductor, and an arranger for theatres and other musical projects, and her musical experience spans many different styles. In 2002, she received the Yrjö Prize of the Finnish Jazz Association and the Suomi Prize for the arts.

Bass player Sara Puljula studied music from a variety of angles and now plays with a number of world music and folk music bands. She has played on many recordings, and she is well known as a theatre musician.

Zarkus Poussa is an all-round drummer/percussionist and vocalist and can basically be found anywhere that rhythm and sound is needed. He has appeared on TV and in theatres, given solo performances and participated in dozens of recordings, including solo albums.